Who is Matthew Brunken? Uncovering the Story of a Rising Industry Innovator

Matthew Brunken has emerged as a notable figure, with a multifaceted career encompassing athletics, coaching, and entrepreneurship. His career trajectory is marked by his firm commitment to both personal success and community contribution. From early life to his current undertakings, Brunken’s story is characterized by relentless dedication to his goals and consistent efforts to leverage his skills for broader social impact.

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A Nebraska native, Brunken is not only a professional runner but also a certified coach, known for his endeavours in the athletic world as well as his business acumen as an MBA graduate. Balancing a demanding professional schedule with volunteer work, he exemplifies leadership, extending his influence beyond his immediate professional sphere. Brunken’s commitment to physical fitness, health, and education, positions him as a role model for aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Matthew Brunken blends his athletic talent with a keen sense of entrepreneurship and community service.
  • He holds an MBA, is a certified coach, and is recognized for exemplary leadership both on and off the track.
  • Beyond running, Brunken is dedicated to fostering physical health and furthering education in his varied roles.

Early Life and Education

Matthew Brunken’s formative years in Nebraska laid the groundwork for a robust academic journey that would lead to advanced degrees, including an MBA. His early education set the stage for his commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

Upbringing in Nebraska

Born and raised in Nebraska, Brunken was nurtured in a supportive environment that fueled his active participation in sports and academic interests. His childhood experiences in this Midwestern state provided him with both the resilience and the community-minded spirit that would define his later pursuits in higher education and entrepreneurship.

Academic Pursuits at Liberty University

Brunken’s educational path took him to Liberty University, where his academic and athletic drives flourished. Here, he notably ran cross country for the university’s team, demonstrating his commitment to excellence both in the classroom and on the track. This experience at Liberty University was a pivotal chapter in Brunken’s life, setting a precedent for his later achievements at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he earned an MBA, marking a significant milestone in his life as both a scholar and a professional.

Athletic Career


Matthew Brunken’s strides in athletics, particularly in running, have marked him as a standout professional runner. His journey from high school cross country to dominating professional races showcases his evolution in the sport.

High School Cross Country

Competing in cross country during his high school years laid the foundation for Matthew Brunken’s robust running career. He was known for his strong performances in various events, with a particular emphasis on the 10k, which was a foretaste of his potential in long-distance running.

Professional Running Endeavors

After high school, Brunken took his talents to the next level by joining the Lincoln Running Club. His membership with the club has been pivotal in his development as a professional athlete. Brunken has participated in notable races such as the Boston Marathon and the Leprechaun Chase, displaying not only his competitiveness but also his dedication to the sport. His involvement in professional circuits has solidified his reputation, as he continues to compete and succeed in high-profile races.

Professional Life

Matthew Brunken’s professional trajectory showcases his dedication to business development and entrepreneurship, marked by significant contributions in the fields of finance and investment. His performance as a venture analyst and a leader in business administration underpins his career.

Business Ventures

In his role as a Senior Venture Analyst at UNeTech, Matthew Brunken applied his entrepreneurship skills and knowledge of the customer discovery framework to foster the growth of start-ups. His commitment to nurturing new businesses is evident in his partnership approach, where he strategically collaborates with entrepreneurs to launch ventures with a focus on social, medical, and equitable improvements.

Career in Finance and Investment

Brunken also displayed dedication in furthering his expertise by obtaining an MBA in Investment Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His impressive academic and professional background, which also includes a position as a Nursery Sales Consultant at Lanoha Developments, positions him as a knowledgeable figure in business administration and financial orchestration. The attainment of his MBA signifies Brunken’s deep-seated commitment to his career in finance and investment, suggesting a continuity of performance and improvement in his future professional endeavors.

Medical Entrepreneurship

Matthew Brunken camp

Matthew Brunken has leveraged his entrepreneurial acumen to make significant contributions in the field of healthcare, particularly focusing on the creation of social value through innovative medical ventures and collaborations with medical entrepreneurship accelerators.

Contributions to Medical Accelerators

Brunken’s efforts within medical entrepreneurship accelerators underline his commitment to propelling medical advancement. The University of Nebraska Medical Center stands out as an institution where such synergies could potentially take place, considering its prominence in driving healthcare innovation. Through these accelerators, Brunken has connected with a network of professionals dedicated to nurturing fledgling medical startups, fostering an ecosystem that supports and propels healthcare innovation. His leadership has been pivotal in creating supportive environments that take embryonic ideas to viable products, ultimately aiming for positive social outcomes.

Innovation in Healthcare

At the core of Brunken’s philosophy is innovation in healthcare— a passion for introducing groundbreaking products and services that improve patient care and outcomes. His track record reflects a series of ventures where he has not only identified gaps in the healthcare market but also developed solutions to address them. His leadership style is characterized by a hands-on approach, ensuring that both the entrepreneurial vision and the day-to-day operations align to meet the high standards of medical entrepreneurship.

His journey from conceptualizing ideas to executing them in the real world illustrates his role in steering healthcare towards a future where innovation and social outcomes are inextricably linked, showcasing his steadfast commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery and accessibility.

Matthew Brunken the Professional Runner

Matthew Brunken has consistently been recognized for his athletic prowess, particularly as a runner with notable achievements in distances ranging from 5k races to full marathons. He is closely associated with the prominent LRC Nebraska, enhancing his reputation as a committed athlete in the competitive running circuit.

Who is LRC Nebraska?

LRC Nebraska, or Lincoln Running Club, is a reputable running group based in Nebraska. It is known for nurturing athletes in various track events and long-distance road races. Matthew Brunken’s affiliation with the club underscores his dedication to the sport as well as his status as a semi-professional runner. Under the banner of LRC Nebraska, he’s not only honed his skills but also mentored others, leveraging his experience as a certified running coach.

Matthew Brunken’s journey with cross country and road racing has seen him dominate in 5k and 10k events, laying the groundwork for his transition into more challenging distances like the marathon. Through LRC Nebraska, Brunken received the support and resources necessary to excel, reflecting the club’s commitment to athlete development and competitive excellence.

Leadership and Management

Matthew Brunken is recognized for his role in steering teams and businesses towards success, driven by a robust command of leadership principles and management skills. His approach involves a keen emphasis on fostering talent and encouraging innovation within entrepreneurial ventures.

Managing Teams

Matthew Brunken’s leadership extends to the effective management of teams, where he balances individual strengths with overall objectives. He is known for assembling teams consisting of skilled professionals, each contributing unique talents to a unified goal. Brunken’s methodology for managing teams hinges on establishing a communicative and collaborative environment.

Developing Management Skills

A continuous learner, Brunken prioritizes the development of his management skills to better guide his ventures. He adapts to new challenges with a strategic mindset, employing both creative and analytical approaches in his decisions. This dedication to developing management skills has been instrumental in his ability to identify market opportunities and propel his businesses forward.

Community Engagement

Matthew Brunken’s commitment to community engagement shines through his involvement in local initiatives and his support for economic development. He not only participates in community-driven projects but also leverages his entrepreneurial skills to bolster local economies.

Local Community Involvement

Brunken has been instrumental in programs like RISE Omaha, which is focused on transforming the community by empowering individuals transitioning from incarceration. By providing resources like ‘jails to jobs’ training, RISE Omaha has made strides in reducing recidivism. Brunken’s engagement doesn’t stop there; he has also been an active supporter of The Hope Center, a safe haven for youth in North Omaha that focuses on after-school programs and family support services.

Through his membership with North Lake Church, Brunken has extended his reach into prison ministry, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to supporting the local communities of Nebraska and transforming lives by guiding former inmates towards positive pathways.

Promoting Economic Growth

In Nebraska, Matthew Brunken has been known to steer efforts towards fostering economic growth. At the heart of his pursuits is entrepreneurship; he has consistently sought to partner with local entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, particularly those aimed at medical advancements and creating equitable social outcomes.

Brunken’s initiatives extend into Texas as well, where his influence in the town of Lago Vista has made a marked impact. His commitment to economic development is apparent through the creation of opportunities that stimulate local economies, incite job creation, and support small business establishments. Through strategic partnerships, Brunken has shown an unwavering commitment to fostering environments where commerce and community can flourish together.

Personal Achievements

Matthew Brunken’s personal achievements are a testament to his dedication and perseverance. This section sheds light on his journey of personal growth and the various recognition and awards he has received for his talents and endeavors.

Personal Growth and Dedication

Brunken has continuously shown a commitment to excellence, both in his professional and athletic endeavors. His journey of personal growth is marked by an impressive transition from pursuing an associate’s degree in horticulture to achieving an MBA in Investment Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This academic development underscores his belief in lifelong learning and self-improvement.

Recognition and Awards

Matthew Brunken’s talent as a runner is undisputed. It is evidenced by his stellar performance at the Lincoln Half Marathon, where he surpassed his previous personal record — a clear indication of his tenacity in sports. His athletic prowess earned him a new personal record with an incredible finish time of 1:20:29. This accomplishment is just one example of the accolades that Brunken has earned, showcasing his ability to excel and push his limits.

Physical Fitness and Health

Matthew Brunken exemplifies the intersection between avid athleticism and wellness, embodying the role of physical fitness in one’s lifestyle. Through dedicated training and competition, he has leveraged his professional running career to advocate for health and endurance sports.

Importance of Fitness

Physical fitness is pivotal for a professional runner like Matthew Brunken. Not only does it equip him with the necessary endurance to compete, but it also fortifies his overall well-being. His commitment extends beyond personal goals, as he also spotlights the positive impact of fitness on mental health. For Brunken, fitness isn’t just a practice; it’s a foundational element of a healthy, balanced life.

Running as Lifestyle

For Brunken, running is more than just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. Whether he’s preparing for a 10k race or setting his sights on the prestigious Boston Marathon, each step is a testament to his dedication. Brunken’s lifestyle is a testament to the belief that running shapes not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. His approach to training, filled with early mornings and strategic workouts, reflects a holistic dedication to the sport and its benefits.

Future Endeavors

Matthew Brunken’s trajectory into the coming years is characterized by a steadfast commitment to entrepreneurship and a continual pursuit of athletic excellence. His future goals are not only set on maintaining his status as one of the best runners but also on fostering innovation and leadership within his community.

Aspirations and Goals

Brunken has clearly articulated his intent to compete in and win the 2024 3M Half Marathon, showcasing his dedication to running. His goal to set new records reflects his relentless drive and ability to push the limits of physical endurance. In business, Brunken is equally ambitious, aiming to launch and support ventures that yield considerable medical and social benefits.

Continued Impact

Consistent with his philanthropic ethos, Brunken aspires to extend his impact in community development. His entrepreneurial ventures are designed to deliver real-world outcomes that can revolutionize quality of life for countless individuals. Brunken’s leadership style is grounded in collaboration and innovation, with a future poised to further empower communities and foster sustainable growth.

In sum, Matthew Brunken’s future endeavors encompass a blend of top-tier athletic performance and socially responsible entrepreneurship aimed at improving societal and medical outcomes.

Publications and Media

Matthew Brunken’s influence extends beyond direct interaction as he is recognized through various publications and media, both on biographical platforms and within journalistic pieces. His personal website serves as a hub for his professional narrative and thought leadership.

Biographical Works

Matthew Brunken’s journey and accomplishments are documented on his personal blog. Readers can find comprehensive narratives detailing his academic pursuits, such as obtaining an MBA in Investment Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. These posts also often reflect on his personal beliefs and business philosophies, offering an in-depth look into his life and work.

Journalistic Features

Brunken’s multifaceted career has garnered attention in journalistic circles. For instance, he is featured on StrideTribe, highlighting his roles as a professional runner and blogger with insights into mental health and personal growth. These journalistic features reflect the dynamic nature of his professional and personal endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common inquiries regarding Matthew Brunken‘s professional accomplishments, contributions to his field, educational background, affiliations, significant publications, and recognitions.

What notable achievements has Matthew Brunken made in his professional career?

Matthew Brunken is a professional runner who has attained significant results in various races, including a top 10 finish at the Leprechaun Chase 10k in Ashland, Nebraska.

How has Matthew Brunken contributed to his field of expertise or industry?

His coaching philosophy emphasizes that running is a joyful experience, aiming to bring out the best in every athlete he mentors, detailed in his profile as a running coach.

Can you outline the educational background that has shaped Matthew Brunken’s career?

While specific details about Brunken’s education are not provided, one can infer that his achievements in professional running suggest a background in physical education or related studies that focus on athletic training and performance.

Which organizations or causes is Matthew Brunken known to support or affiliate with?

Matthew Brunken is recognized as a part of Team LRC in Nebraska and is associated with the community in Lago Vista, Texas, indicating support in these regions.

What are the significant publications or presentations for which Matthew Brunken is recognized?

There are no explicit mentions of publications or presentations by Matthew Brunken, but his participation and achievements in races are well-documented and celebrated within the running community.

Has Matthew Brunken received any awards or distinctions for his work?

While the search results do not list specific awards, his competitive performances, such as his victory at the 2023 Harvest Moon Hustle, potentially accompanied by acknowledgments in the running community.

Matthew Brunken the Coach

Matthew Brunken has established himself as a respected name in the coaching realm, particularly within the context of long-distance running. As a certified running coach, his methodology is not about one-size-fits-all training programs but rather a tailored approach that considers the individual strengths and goals of each athlete.

His experience spans various levels of expertise, from beginners taking their first running steps to seasoned athletes aiming to smash personal records. Brunken’s skill set is especially evident when dealing with cross country coaching, a field in which he’s wielded notable influence. His contributions to Dumas cross country highlight his ability to cultivate team cooperation and foster a competitive spirit.

Residents of Lago Vista are no strangers to Brunken’s dedication. It’s here that he trains runners, imparting wisdom gained from his experiences. Brunken’s approach as a private coach meshes well with his surroundings in Lago Vista, where the environment is conducive to the kind of rigorous training regimens he prescribes.

Despite his extensive involvement with teams, Brunken’s personal touch in one-on-one sessions reflects his commitment to shaping well-rounded athletes. This commitment is mirrored in his athletes’ results on the track, speaking volumes about his capabilities as a coach.


  • Certification: A certified coach with a specialty in running
  • Experience: Worked with Dumas cross country, enhancing team dynamics and performance
  • Training Ground: Utilizes the scenic routes of Lago Vista for training
  • Coaching Style: Personalized plans, prioritizing athlete progress and development

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